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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Teachers Training College Library

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Teachers Training College has a central well equipped library which is an indispensable / integral part of the college’s mission of achieving excellence in Higher Education and Research. The Library is replete with innumerable volumes covering a wide range of subjects viz. collection of books on humanities, science, technology and commerce etc. The collection is not only one of the best in undergraduate colleges including P.G. Depts. of Zoology, Geography and Assamese, but also one of the best in the state. Apart from textbooks and reference books, the Library subscribes to a good number of periodicals and journals – popular magazines and daily newspapers are within easy access of the students and faculties. Besides the Central Library the individual Depts. have well-stocked libraries for the easy access and help of students and teachers.

The Library constantly strives to inculcate a healthy reading habit among the students which goes a long way in moulding their academic and professional career and as such, the library is something more than a mere book-lending and book-borrowing centre.

The Library runs under the supervision of a Library Advisory Committee.

Rules / Instructions to be followed

  1. The Library remains open on all working days during office hours.
  2. Regular and bonafide students, faculty members, non-teaching staff and any other person accorded permission by the Principal / Librarian can make use of the library.
  3. Books are issued to the bonafide students only on production of library Identity card.
  4. Some rare reference books are not issued to the students and the faculty. These are to be used only in the Reading room.
  5. Students found guilty of mutilating or damaging books are liable to disciplinary action.
  6. Misplacement of books, journals, monographs is an offence.
  7. Users cannot make unnecessary pencil marks, underline or write on the pages of the books.
  8. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  9. Books are returnable / must be returned within 15 days from the date of issue and Re.1 Per day is charged thereafter.
  10. It is mandatory to keep all the belongings in the shelf before entering the library.
  11. Complaints, suggestions, if any may be submitted in black and white to the Principal / Librarian.

Cards are issued to the students as follows :

H.S. Class : 2 Nos. Degree (General) Class: 2 Nos.
Degree (Major) Class :3 Nos. Post Graduate Class : 4 Nos


Book Bank-
One important service of our college library is the Book Bank facility. This facility shall be restricted to poor but meritorious students of the college. Only two books at a time shall be issued to a student for one year only. Borrower shall be responsible for any loss/damage of books and have to replace such books by new ones.

Library staff

1. Arjun Medhi, M.Com., B. Lib. Sc. (Librarian)
2. Vacant (Asstt. Librarian)
3. Chandra Prabha Talukdar, (Lib. Asstt.)
4. Miss. Nilima Devi, B.A., (Lib. Asstt)
5. Rabin Sarma, Bearer